Yasukazu Kano Shinobue Private Lesson & Workshop

Yasukazu Kano Shinobue Private Lesson & Workshop/Sep 27-28th

日程 Friday 27th-28th September
場所 Venue: Jika Jika Community Centre, 1 Plant Street Northcote VIC 3070
(5 min from Stop30 Route86 Tram / 1 min walk from Westgarth Station)
内容 1. Private lesson! (all levels)

Whole 1 hour is just for you!
You will surely improve after private lesson!
Please be ready what you would like to ask at the lesson.

2. Workshop for people who wants to be a good friend of Shinobue! (all levels)

If you are total beginners, even experienced but struggling to make good sound or need more to learn basics, this workshop is for you.
Learning basics deeply is always good idea to take you to the next step.

3. Workshop for people who wants to brush up your sound and more technique! (experienced)

If you have been practicing with Shinobue Kai or by yourself and wish to step up , this workshop will cover your questions.

6 hon choushi Shinobue is needed for all workshops and private lessons
料金 1)Private lesson $100 / 1 hour
1) 19:30- 20:30
2) 20:35-21:35

2)Saturday 28th September

Workshop 1 $60 / 2¼ hours

Tea break 14:30-15:00 chance to ask questions or get close to Kano sensei) No charge!

3)Workshop 2 $60 / 2¼ hours

Special discount apply to Workshop 2+3 $110
6 hon choushi plastic fue $25~ *
Text book ' Let's sing with Shinobue ' $45~*
If you don't have one, please order !

*The price of both fue and book are the rough idea.
The final price will be announced as soon as estimate numbers of order is found out.
To book your spots, please email with following information by August 31st.
Your name
beginner or how many years experience
Do you wish to order 6 hon choushi plastic fue?
Do you have the Text book or would you like to order?
Which workshops or lessons would you like to take?
How would you like to pay? Cash / Bank transfer.


*Once your bookings confirmed, I'll send you email with confirmed amount and payment.

Looking forward to hearing from you!